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 The Lagos State Health Scheme (LSHS) was established by the Lagos State Health Scheme (LSHS) Law No 4 of May 2015 to ensure that all residents of the state have access to healthcare services at affordable rates, thereby protecting families from the financial hardship of huge medical bills. 

Membership of the scheme is mandatory for all residents employed in the public and private sectors as well as the self-employed, those in the informal sector and the unemployed. All residents are to possess a health plan and they must provide evidence of being registered on the LSHS.


Regulatory Responsibilities of LASHMA
  1. Management of the scheme and  issuance of appropriate regulations for the sustenance of the scheme.
  2. Registration of corporate organisations in the public and private sectors for CIN.
  3. Licensing of NHIS accredited HMOs as well as HEFAMAA accredited HCPs
  4. Public awareness campaigns to educate residents of the State on the benefits of the scheme as well as their roles and responsibility.
  5. Ensures the satisfaction of all stakeholders on the scheme and investigate all complaints of impropriety.